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About Us

Our Story

Associated Gospel Assemblies (AGA) members were among thousands of Caribbean people who migrated to England in the 1950s. Many of them were unable to find a suitable place of worship. So, a group rented space at the St Bothel Anglican church and began meeting weekly.

Pastor Henry White was invited to help, and he put in place sacramental elements and offered structure, organisation, and attachment to the AGA. A leading voice among the group, a Bro South, expressed his desire to have open fellowship with no connection with any other group. However, the Rehoboth persons insisted that there should be some connection, so they left and started gathering at the home of George and Gladys Francis on Hazelwood Crescent, Westbourne Park, London, in July 1955. The AGA connection was formalised, and Bro George Francis was ordained as the Pastor. With the gathering of 21 members, they had their first Lord’s Supper together in August 1955.

The work grew, and the space became small, for, during this time, there was a continuous influx of West Indians to London. So, the meeting relocated from Hazelwood Crescent to Labour Hall in Ladbroke Grove and continued there for two years – the best option to keep going while they looked for a place to buy. Conditions they were unsatisfactory, but the saints persevered in prayer for a better accommodation to worship.

The trustees of a struggling Congregational church offered their property to the Francis’ as they wanted to continue to use it as a place of worship. Through much sacrificial financial giving by the believers, the property was purchased. Roundwood Gospel Assembly held its first service in the present location on 25 May 1971.

Us Today

Following a strong spiritual foundation established in those early years, we are a people with a vision to make a difference through our prayers, praise and declaring the Word of God, under the guidance of Pastor Steve Palmer, supported by a leadership team. Together they provide spiritual guidance, direction and practical support to a growing church.

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