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History – in brief

Our beginnings

We began in the early 1950s with a few, who came over from the West Indies, meeting together in one small room for prayer and fellowship. This gathering soon realised there was a need for a larger place where proper worship services could be held on a regular basis.

After much prayer and effort by the group, the then late Pastor G Francis and his wife, the late Sis Gladys, got a home in Westbourne Park, London, NW10 where meetings continued in July 1955. And so with 21 members, they had their first communion together in August 1955.

During this time there was a continuous influx of West Indians to London, many of whom were already Christians, and wanting a church in which to worship. Members brought along newly arrived friends to join the group and the church grew quickly, some members remaining to this day.

After 13 years of rich fellowship and development in the home of Pastor and Sis Francis, the area became a compulsory purchase area. The church had to find other premises. This turned out to be a hall in Ladbroke Grove, which was rented for the next 2 years. Conditions there were unsatisfactory but the saints persevered in prayer for a better place to worship.

Through proactive searching by Pastor Francis, he learned that the church property we are at now was up for sale. At the meeting with the previous owner, the church leader requested that Pastor Francis’ application be accepted as he wanted the property to continue to be used as a place of worship.

The leader gave instruction that the necessary documents for possession of this place be sent to Pastor Francis. This done, the leader passed away that same night. And so Roundwood Gospel Assembly has since 1970 been located here.

Us today

Following a strong spiritual foundation established in those early years, we are a people with a vision to make a difference through our prayers, praise and declaring the Word of God, under the guidance of a new Pastor, supported by a leadership team. Who together provide spiritual guidance and direction and practical support to a growing church of diverse nationalities and backgrounds.